On any given day…

A natural disaster or health emergency could strike Hawaii. Our isolated location makes it harder to get outside aid. It’s not a matter of “if” but “when” a disaster will strike, so being prepared is critical for Hawaii residents.

Simpler than you think.

With this site, and our upcoming Prepare NOW channel on Youtube, we’ve made it fun and simple for you to get the crucial information to help you and your loved ones with the three main objectives in disaster preparedness – Necessities, Organization and Wellness.

PNH_Necessities - 305x50

Necessities to stay clean, warm,
hydrated,  fed and in touch.

PNH_Organization - 610x100

Organized so loved ones are all informed  and on the same page.

PNH_Wellness - 610x100

Wellness activities and steps to keep healthy and less stressed.

We’re currently working to get this site ready for you.
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