No better time than NOW to prepare for the unexpected.

Simpler Than You Think

With this site, and our Prepare NOW Channel, we’ve made it fun and simple for you to get the crucial information to help you and your loved ones with the three main objectives in disaster preparedness – Necessities, Organization and Wellness.

Water for EACH household member and pet. 

Food and medication for EACH household member and pet (enough for 14 days).

Emergency supplies including a flashlight, radio, batteries, soap, toilet paper and a first aid kit. View/Print Checklist

Special items for pets, kupuna, babies, keiki or pregnant women.

✅ Discuss and write down emergency contact information, evacuation locations, routes, and meet-up spots.

✅ Keep this plan with your emergency supplies. View/Print Plan Template 

✅ Practice your plan.

✅ Take care of your mind and body everyday so you can recover more quickly after an emergency.

✅ Exercise, eat healthy food, get enough sleep, and make time to laugh, play and relax.

Talk with your family about how you will support each other in an emergency, especially vulnerable family members. View Conversation Tips